Company background

Afra care online doctor appointment is a partner business enterprise founded by four young academic Somalis with a clear vision of serving the underserved Healthcare industry of Somalia with honor and dignity. Afra Care was registered 01-April 2020 in Mogadishu and now become only online healthcare in the whole Horn of Africa Nations.

Afra Care online doctor appointment is an online application that allows the patient to book appointments through online registration .A more Convenient Approach Going online is an easy way of life People take recourse to online transactions for a safer, convenient and smoother way of life. It is difficult to manage the patients by direct paper appointment. Over the last two decades, the online health care has become the most important healthcare service in many developed countries .It is difficult to get appointments by direct contact to the hospital and standing in a queue. the main concept of this project is to get easy appointments through online application which resolves the problem to the patients. With this application the effort to the patients will be reduced which contains the details of the doctor and their available time and the time will be saved for both doctors and patients. the doctor can schedule his own time.

Afra Care is an online platform for booking appointments with Doctors. The Afra-care system aims at providing the heath related services at finger tips by allowing the users to book an appointment with the best Doctors around them. The Afracare system can make huge impact on peoples lives as it enables solution for most critical thing i.e. health related problems in a easy and much convenient manner. It allows the users of the portals to select the best Doctors and helps them view the profile of the Doctors online. There are many features in the proposed system which are unique and are public friendly.

About Afra Care

Founded in 2020, Afra Care is a one of the fastest growing healthcare software which provides a platform for patients to connect with their required healthcare experts. It provides products ranging from clinics to hospitals and deliver efficient quality of services to the patients. Afracare develops a healthcare platform. It offers the doctor search engine and the practice management solution for doctors managing appointments and digital healthcare records. The platform connects patients with doctors.

Afra Care Founders

Afra Care is established in 2020 headquartered in Mogadishu and was founded by below listed four young Somalis
1. Suleiman Rashed Mohamud.
2. Abdihakin Ahmed Nur.
3. Sharif Mohamud Ali.
4. Abdirahim Ahmed Hussein.

Our Services

Afra Care is a online medical web based application that is fully registered and licensed to operate as a profit making business here in Somalia. Our aim is not to only generate revenue and maximize profit, we also intend to offer additional products and services to our core service so as to sustain our bottom line and grow our business.

The services that we therefore intend to make available to our various customers are;
Online Doctor Appointment
Online Doctor Chat, Audio and Video calls
Online Consultancy

Mission Statement

We provide a simple and easy booking online software system. So, the user could view all those services provided by the clinic, select the specialist, availability of doctors and appointment date. The time and date will be chosen after confirming the doctors availability. Our main aim is to provide simple and effective online services for doctor appointments.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the preferred Online Healthcare Company for all our customers not only here in Somalia but all over Africa as well. We intend for our service to be amongst the top five brands in the country by the year 2021.

Core values

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning


Regional expansion in the field of online healthcare and develop a strong base of key customers. Increase the asset and investments of the company to support the development of services. To build good reputation in the field of online healthcare and online consultation and become a key player in the industry.

Company Structure

Due to our intention to build a standard Online Doctor Appointment business here in Somalia Horn of Africa region, we have decided to take a critical look at how we build our business structure. By building a solid business structure, our intention is that our business can smoothly start off and be run with as less hitches as possible. This is why we are going to ensure that we go the extra mile in picking the right employees to handle the various positions and the roles that would come with it.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Suleiman Rashid Mohamud has carefully sourced for and hired those that would make up the management team, this is because he believes that with the right people in managerial positions, it would be easier for policies to be implemented and the goals and objectives of the organization achieved.

However, due to the fact that we will not only running an online doctor appointment because of the several other services that we would be engaged in, we would be hiring more employees than necessary to fill in all the various positions and handle the roles and responsibilities that these positions would throw up.

Therefore, the business structure that we would build at Afra Care are as follows.
1. Board of Derictors
2. Chief Executive Officer
3. Vice of Chief Executive Officer
4. HR manager And Finance Director
5. Marketing Director
6. Sales Director